Aug 23, 2021

HUNNY POT | Unrolled Sativa 🍯

We are beyond excited to announce the release of HUNNY POT UNROLLED SATIVA 🍯


It’s exactly what it sounds like — premium sativa flower, ground up and unrolled. Pack it in a pipe, cone or roll your own. This flower is a cross between Dutch Passion and the admired Super Haze, making it a potent sativa strain. With this plant possessing a light green, dusty trichome production, you’ll experience an ultra-fine flavour profile that is florally, piney and peppery.

Unrolled Sative


THC PERCANTAGE | 19.00 – 24.00%


CBD PERCENTAGE | 0.00 – 1.00%


PLANT TYPE | Sativa Dominant


TERPENES | Limonene, Myrcene


Pick it up today at any one of our locations or order for delivery today!

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