Sep 28, 2019

Guide to Storing Flower

With cannabis becoming legal on October 17th, 2018 (we shall never forget this day) it’s my guess there might be an influx of home growers this year. And when the time comes to harvest your crop, and you’re staring at your pride and joy – let’s make sure you store it properly. We wouldn’t want your hard work and all that time watching her grow up to go to waste.


Like fine wine or whiskey, cannabis is best when aged in a cool, dark place. And while your cannabis is not going to expire, I’ve made a list of basic do’s and don’ts to help guide you.



Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Store in containers with a neutral charge, like glass jars. Use a product like Boveda (found at your local cannabis store) to monitor and control RH levels. Vacuum seal jars and containers to minimize oxygen exposure. Separate your strains to maintain their individual flavor profiles. The cannabis industry is growing every day, with new products for all of your cannabis storage needs.



Keep out of the refrigerator. The fluctuations in humidity and temperature can actually increase your chance of mold and mildew. Contrary to popular belief, do not store in the freezer either. Freezing temperatures cause the fragile trichomes to become brittle and break. Don’t store above or around electronics or appliances that give off heat. Heat rises — instead, store your cannabis in a low cupboard, shelf, or in the basement of your house, much like a wine cellar. Don’t – use a tobacco humidor. Most use cedarwood, which has oils that transfer and can influence the flavours of your cannabis. Although it’s nice to have all of your things together, don’t store grinders, pipes, or other paraphernalia with your cannabis. The ash and resin from burnt cannabis tend to linger and will stink up any storage container.


Stay tuned to find out the best practices for storing your edibles and beverages – coming later this year.

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