Oct 12, 2019

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Consuming cannabis has come a long way in the last decade, making it accessible to more people. Now let’s learn the ways we can consume!


Dried Cannabis

Whether whole flower or milled, dried cannabis can be smoked in a joint or pipe. More often than not, people are choosing to use a vapourizer, which is more efficient and discreet than traditional combustion methods.


Oils and Concentrates

Cannabis oils, tinctures, and concentrates are usually consumed orally in drops, capsules or sprays, but can also be used in foods, topicals and a variety of other forms.



Oils, resins and other cannabis by products can be used in the preparation of food (usually baked goods or candies), which can then be eaten.


Smoke it

Traditionalist? Then you are probably rolling a joint or using a pipe is a quick and easy option. The effects of smoked cannabis are generally felt within a few minutes and last for a few hours.


Vapourize It

Using a vapourizer is similar to smoking but without the combustion. Vapourizers come in many sizes and can cost anywhere from around $60 to $500.


Put It Under Your Tongue

Cannabis oils can be consumed orally, or added to juice/coffee/etc. When you’re ingesting cannabis, the full effects can take up to two hours to kick in and can last as long as 10 hours.


Eat It

Selling edibles is not legal in Canada, but you can make your own using cannabis or cannabis oils. Be sure to do your research first on preparing foods with cannabis, and take care to ensure nobody unwittingly eats it.

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