Mar 17, 2020

Cannabis Product Review: BC Hash Rosin

Appearance (3 / 5)
This exciting new product comes in a tiny make-up like container that is deceptively hard to open, I was initially worried about spilling the delectable contents upon opening the container and thus ruining my Hash Rosin Experience before it even got started. Have no fear; the concentrate itself is contained within a small fold of wax paper housed inside the container so spilling isn’t a worry.
Cure (4 / 5)
The concentrate itself has a gooey but firm consistency, it doesn’t crumble and is very easy to scoop up with a dab tool. The smell is not only enticing but extremely familiar. Anyone who has enjoyed Hashish throughout the years in its various forms on the legacy market will be happy with the quality aromas this product gives off. The invigorating Spicy and earthy hashish aroma flooded my senses and made me increasingly excited to sample the Bc Hash Rosin.
Traditional legacy market hash is not of a consistency that is ideal for dabbing, when I would attempt to consume afghan hash in a rig; the banger needed to be scorching hot to heat up the very hard hashish. Hash Rosin on the other hand completely solves this problem, it dabs amazingly well! All those years of wishing greater things for hashish seems to have paid off.
Aroma (4 / 5)
Flavour (4 / 5)
With the utmost bravery, I carved off the tiniest of tiny flecks from the half gram and lowered it into my rig’s banger and began to deeply inhale. Something that has always surprised me about any form of hashish is the volume of the toke; a little bit of hash becomes of a lungful faster than a comparably bigger piece of BHO shatter or other concentrates. Less is more is a great motto when indulging with Hash Rosin!
The onset is strong and immediate, the flavour is earthy with a hint of spice, very much what I had been used to from legacy hashish but the BC Hash Rosin from Cannafarms definitely brings its own modern lendings to the flavour profile. I felt the rosin immediately throughout my face as my body temperature surged and my face became flush, a pleasant warmth spread from my face down.
Effects (4 / 5)
The initial intensity of the toke faded away and gave me a brief moment to reflect on the flavour before the non-cerebral, body portion of the high began to hit me in waves; I would equate the BC Hash Rosin to the mighty ocean and myself the unfortunate lighthouse keeper. Despite the concentrate being tremendously strong and potent, the effects themselves remain balanced; I found myself still very talkative, engaged, and creative enough to write part of this review while experiencing it, this is likely because of Cannafarms decision to use a hybrid strain for this concentrate. My initial speculations about the BC Hash Rosin being a couch-lock seem to be off the marker at this particular dose, however, I could imagine how if one over-indulged on this concentrate their experience might be vastly different; having the body effects outweigh the energetic cerebral effects.
As always the tried and true rule of “Start low and go slow” is still applicable to even the strongest of delectable high potency cannabis products. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to see what the high standards of the Canadian market can conceive when it comes to quality Cannabis concentrates.
Canna Farm’s solventless product uses three ingredients Bubble Hash, heat and pressure. The finished product is a unique colour that very much resembles black finger hash. It may retain some terpenes that account for aroma and flavour. The benefit of this process is the rosin has no residual solvents!
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