Feb 6, 2020

Cannabis 2.0 at The Hunny Pot

A Cannabis 2.0 Update


Cannabis 2.0 has been all the buzz as of late… if you haven’t noticed. Customers want to know what this rollout of new products includes, and when they can get their hands on them — and we don’t blame them!


Over 100 Cannabis 2.0 products are expected to be available for sale within the first few months of 2020, and some of the new cannabis 2.0 products have already arrived at The Hunny Pot. We will continue to see new products in our store on a WEEKLY basis.


While Cannabis 2.0 categories like edibles, extracts and topicals have been legalized in Canada since October 17, 2019, many people have noticed that these products have been slow to hit the retail stores, and once they arrive cannot seem to stay on the shelves. This is due to the regulatory timelines and approval processes put in place by Health Canada to ensure new cannabis products are safe for consumption, and the overall demand of the market.


2.0 at The Hunny Pot




Edibles are all the demand right now! So far at The Hunny Pot, we have seen chocolates, gummies, cookies, and mints from various licensed producers including Aurora Drift and Foray. There is a ton of excitement surrounding this category, and we too are excited to see the new products being released.




While flavoured sodas and sparkling waters are on the way, we have only seen teas available on our buy sheet as of yet. We are really looking forward to getting our hands on the brand Everie this week, Vanilla Rooibos CBD Tea anyone?




Contrary to what we have seen with the consumable options, The Hunny Pot has seen a large selection of disposable vaporizers and cartridges available. We currently have a grand selection to pick from and can be viewed on our new online menu!




Topical include creams, bath salts, and body butter. We have yet to see any of these items available to bring in-store – but hang tight they’re on the way.




Similar to topicals, these items have not yet been available for us to purchase. This category includes; shatter, wax, rosin, kief, and hash.


There is not short of demand when it comes to the new Cannabis 2.0 products, and we too are excited to bring these items to you! Our inventory is vast and changing each week.

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