Mar 27, 2020

Cannabis & Yoga

Cannabis has been used alongside yoga and meditation for quite some time. The practice is used for many reasons, from concentration to religious ritual. For some, combining the two can lead to heightened meditation practice. Cannabis affects everyone differently so, consider Indica strains when you first begin to combining cannabis and meditation. Here are some tips on how to meditate while high;

Create a Comfortable Space

Carve out a space just for your mindful practice. Sit on a mat on the floor or even sit up comfortably in bed, find the perfect fit for you. Then, get comfortable to consume cannabis in order to seamlessly allow your mind to begin meditating. This will begin to create the atmosphere needed in order to begin meditating.
At any given moment the mind can be in the middle of a hundred different thoughts. To calm the mind focus on your breathing. Allow yourself to either count each breath in and our or mentally think ‘inhale’ and ‘exhale’ as you do each. This will begin to calm the thinking mind that remembers you’re out of milk at random times.
Guided Meditation
If you’re having a hard time being able to quiet your mind as you try to meditate consider listening to a video. There are hundreds of meditation videos on YouTube. Find the perfect fit from different voices, listen until you find the right one.
Take Your Time
Remember to create time to give your mind a rest. Multiple studies have demonstrated all the benefits that come from meditating like reducing stress, increasing concentration even increase happiness. Even 10 minutes set aside a day will allow your mind to refocus.
Cannabis and Meditation
Some have found that combining cannabis and meditation enhances their practice. Gravitate toward relaxing body high strains that will allow you to relax and calm your mind. But, there have been some who couldn’t meditate while high or did not like the experience. Consider instead to solely meditate to gain all the benefits of being mindful.
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